Go executable file is so large

I don’t want to use upx or strip to reduce the size of executable file. If I use dynamic-link-library, what problems will I have?

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You need to ensure all Go Plugins are available at your client alongside with your Go executable.

Hence, this will leads to dependency managements. That also means a slightly more complicated CI builds.


  1. Go’s beauty is to statically compile everything into a single binary so that your client can just use that one single file instead of reading a lot of manuals or a bunch of pre-setup.
  2. I’m assuming your “large” means >500MB. Otherwise, it’s not large.
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I agree with Holloway’s side notes and have one of my own to add.

If you aren’t already, try passing the -s and -w flags to the linker to strip debug information. That will help reduce the size.

go build -ldflags="-s -w"

I use “objcopy --keep-only-debug” to save debug info and then strip the executable file.

It’s necessary to reduce the size of the executable file for me, whenever it’s 100MB or 200 MB

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