Go-dongle version 0.2.0 was released, better encoding&decoding and encryption&decryption for golang

Dongle is a simple, semantic and developer-friendly golang package for encoding&decoding and encryption&decryption.

Dongle has been included by awesome-go, if you think it is helpful, please give me a star



go get -u github.com/golang-module/dongle

import (

Change log

  • Rename encode to encoder
  • Rename decode to decoder
  • Rename encrypt to encrypter, add ToRawString() , ToRawBytes() methods
  • Rename decrypt to decrypter, add FromRawString(), FromRawBytes() methods
  • Rename sign to signer, add ToRawString() 和 ToRawBytes() methods
  • Rename verify to verifier, add FromRawString() , FromRawBytes() , ToBool() methods
  • Add encryption support for sha3-224, sha3-256, sha3-384, sha3-512
  • Add encryption support for hmac-sha3-224, hmac-sha3-256, hmac-sha3-384, hmac-sha3-512
  • Add encryption support for sha512, sha512-224, sha512-256
  • Add encryption support for hmac-sha512, hmac-sha512-224, hmac-sha512-256
  • Add support for rsa signature and signature verification
  • Remove base58.go, base62.go, base91.go, base100.go to sub package
  • Morse encoding and decoding support the specified separator. The default is /
  • Unified unit test format

Feature list

  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Hex
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base16
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base32
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base58
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base62
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base64
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base64URL
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by SafeURL
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base85
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base91
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Base100
  • [x] Encoding and decoding by Morse
  • [x] Encryption by Md4
  • [x] Encryption by Md5
  • [x] Encryption by Sha1
  • [x] Encryption by Sha3-224
  • [x] Encryption by Sha3-256
  • [x] Encryption by Sha3-384
  • [x] Encryption by Sha3-512
  • [x] Encryption by Sha224
  • [x] Encryption by Sha256
  • [x] Encryption by Sha384
  • [x] Encryption by Sha512
  • [x] Encryption by Sha512-224
  • [x] Encryption by Sha512-256
  • [x] Encryption by Ripemd160
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-md4
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-md5
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha1
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha3-224
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha3-256
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha3-384
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha3-512
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha224
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha256
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha384
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha512
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha512-224
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sha512-256
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-ripemd160
  • [x] Encryption by Hmac-sm3
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Rc2
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by Rc4
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Rc5
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Rc6
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by Tea
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Xtea
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by Aes
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by Des
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by 3Des
  • [x] Encryption and decryption by Rsa
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Ecc
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Sm2
  • [x] Encryption by Sm3
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Sm4
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Sm7
  • [ ] Encryption and decryption by Sm9
  • [x] Sign and verify by Bcrypt
  • [x] Sign and verify by Rsa
  • [ ] Sign and verify by Dsa

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