Go doc, error in terminal

Hi, i am studying GoLang, i try to get doc from my .go.
I made some comments to check it.
I am using GoLand by JetBrains. In terminal i typed "go doc .\study\packages\world (path from project name to my file with comments)
And i am getting that in terminal:
doc: no buildable Go source files in C:\Users\korzh\Programming\GoProjects\src\study
exit status 1 .

After that i found command(i dont rly know what this command does) “go get -d”, and i got this message:
can’t load package: package study: no Go files in C:\Users\korzh\Programming\GoProjects\src\study

What`s problem can be?

Problem 2.

typing “go test”
? study/pointer [no test files]

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