Go developer needed in Berlin

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to search for top Go developer jobs?

This is exactly what happens on Honeypot (currently Germany focused).

Honeypot is a reverse-recruiting tech marketplace where companies apply to developers, rather than developers applying to jobs. We want to make the hiring process as transparent as possible and for that reason on Honeypot companies apply to developers with tech stack, salary and product information upfront.

At the moment various companies are looking for Go developers to fill up their positions. You can sign up here and after that companies will apply to you!

So how many companies are currently looking for Go devs on your platform? Remote? Onsite? Full time? Freelance?

Not to be mean, but there are a ton of recruitment sites. Usually the ROI for signing up is zero. Or worse, you get spam and nothing tangible.

Unfortunately they all say they’re different and better :confused:

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Hey Øyvind,

we currently have 5 companies from Berlin, looking for Go developers. Onsite full-time. We don’t have any freelance or remote positions.
One thing for sure - you will get no spam and no newsletters from us :smile:
We can’t quarantee that you will be contacted by companies with the job offer, what we can quarantee is that when you will, you will have a full transparency on their tech-stack and the role. We don’t collect passive database of profiles :innocent:

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