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Hey guys,

Is there any online Go courses with certificates that actually has some value? Like I don’t want certificates from random websites (coursera etc). It doesn’t make sense. I didn’t see anything from Google.

I’m talking about a go course that after completion, gives a certificate that is either by Google or some prestige university.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’ve research recently but didn’t find anything about it.
Imho Udemy certificates are pretty cool, because it specify the total hour of the course.
I would like to see if any certification like MCSD for C# or OCJP for Java and stuff.
But keep in mind that Golang still pretty new and maybe a certification at this point can be pretty hard to keep up to date.

As far as I am aware of there is no Go Certification till now but why do you need certification? The best way to show that you know Go is by working on real time projects and contributing to Open Source(Doesn’t have to be big projects). I wouldn’t invest my time in certification unless it is provided by trusted authority.


It’s interesting you classify Coursera among the “random websites”. I perceive Coursera and EdX (maybe also Udacity, have not taken any from here) to give the best university grade content from the web. But they go as far as any university course goes - they can tell that you have worked through some good quality resources, but don’t prove you can do anything with it.

I’ve also done courses from LinkedIn (Lynda.com), which I’ve enjoyed as quick professional introductions to topics I would like to know about, but not necessarily have to work in.

Most course providers offer certificates, but as @surajprogrammez said

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Suraj, Exactly why I asked if you knew about some certificate offered by google or a proper university. As of now, like you said, we will have to adjust with contributing to opensource projects. But I think you would agree that showing your open source contributions is nothing compared to having an actual qualification for that topic in hand. :slight_smile:

Taavi, “Random websites” because although their content is university based, their certification is purely from website developers like us, which is of little use since nobody gave them any authority to certify go qualification as far as I know.

True. I don’t understand why Google can’t offer it though. They offer a lot of other courses.

Well in the absence of proper certification I have to imagine contributions to open source projects would be the best viable option. I haven’t even heard of a boot camp that offers anything in go. Unless you count a cs degree. Even that has no specific go based credentials though. Real world experience, read contributions to projects, is the only way to “prove” you actually know how to use go. Which appeals to me actually. I’d rather a company see my potential rather than look only at my past. Which for me has nothing to do with programming… Yet!

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