Go Code + In-Depth Explanation + FileCompression

Hello Everyone .
Thanks for taking the time and reading this and Helping me.

1 . Im new in programming trying to learn golang
I learn by reading examples and code explanation, i was wondering if there was some website or something that has codes / programs with explaination of every part of the code
What the code does
What is its usage
And how i can use it to improve and learn more.

2 . I want to try to write a program that gets anything / (any kind of file or data) and Compresses / Decompress’s it i have found lz4

But i dont know how to use it to create my program if anyone could help me that would mean alot to me.

I want to create the program like this :

  1. I can compress the files/data manualy
    2 .calling the compression program from another program that i would try to create later to compress my files /data.

Please tell me what should i learn to be able to do this , and if possible give me the links to things that i need to learn

Thanks for taking the time and reading this


I don’t know of a good place to get thoroughly-commented code. If you want to study good code, try reading the source code for the Go standard library.


But before that, it’s important to have a good understanding of the Go core language, including interfaces.

People are different, but I think generally, it’s important to start out with basic education in the form of books and video courses. This page at GitHub has a list of books. Some of them are free and introductory, and may be a good place for you to start.

There are also video courses on Go if that works better for you.

(Very reasonably priced, and the author had a freebie promotion here.)


And there are others I couldn’t quickly find links to. So search online for things like “list of good Go books” or “Go video course”.

Disclosure: I am biased towards O’Reilly because I’m an O’Reilly author, and I have free access to their Safari service. So do what’s best for you, not necessarily what I list first! :slight_smile:


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