Go-carbon version 2.1.6 was released, better dates & times for golang

Carbon is a simple, semantic and developer-friendly golang package for datetime.

Carbon has been included by awesome-go , if you think it is helpful, please give me a star.



Go version >= 1.16
go get -u github.com/golang-module/carbon/v2

import (
Go version < 1.16
go get -u github.com/golang-module/carbon

import (
Change log
  • Add Ukrainian language support
  • Add SetDateXXX(), SetTimeXXX() series methods
  • Add DateXXX, TimeXXX series structures and implement Stringer interface
  • Add CreateFromDateXXX(), CreateFromTimeXXX() series methods
  • Remove TimestampWithXXX() series methods
  • Remove TimestampWithXXX series structures
  • Optimize and streamline code
  • Complete documentation

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