Go-carbon v2.3.10 was released, a simple, semantic and developer-friendly golang package for datetime

Carbon is a simple, semantic and developer-friendly golang package for datetime.

Carbon has been included by awesome-go , if you think it is helpful, please give me a star.



Go version >= 1.16
go get -u github.com/golang-module/carbon/v2

import  "github.com/golang-module/carbon/v2"

Change log

  • Fixed bug when json.Unmarshaler decoded a json string containing null value
  • Add ISO8601ZuluLayout,ISO8601ZuluMilliLayout,ISO8601ZuluMicroLayout,ISO8601ZuluNanoLayout constants
  • Add FormattedDateLayout,FormattedDayDateLayout constants
  • Add ISO8601ZuluFormat,ISO8601ZuluMilliFormat,ISO8601ZuluMicroFormat,ISO8601ZuluNanoFormat constants
  • Add FormattedDateFormat,FormattedDayDateFormat constants
  • Add ToIso8601ZuluString,ToIso8601ZuluMilliString,ToIso8601ZuluMicroString,ToIso8601ZuluNanoString methods
  • Add ToFormattedDateString,ToFormattedDayDateString methods
  • Add GoString method
  • Support json strings containing null when using json.Unmarshaler #225
  • Remove deprecatedToFormatString method, use Format method instead
  • Remove deprecated ToLayoutString method, use Layout method instead