Go Built-in DNS Resolver only accept 1 nameserver from /etc/resolv.conf

I was wondering if it was intentional that Go’s Built-in DNS resolver only accepts one nameserver from the /etc/resolv.conf file.

Looking at these two lines https://github.com/golang/go/blob/go1.16/src/net/dnsconfig_unix.go#L19 and https://github.com/golang/go/blob/go1.16/src/net/dnsconfig_unix.go#L73 means that at most only one nameserver will be added to the list, because the nameserver list is pre-polulated with 2 local addresses, so that only leave room to one more.

I see the comment in line 72:

case "nameserver": // add one name server

But it seems a bit ambiguous on its meaning, as in “add one name server in general” or “add one name server on this case”.