Go bindings for bass.dll

I’m working on binding bass.dll ( https://github.com/lexesv/gobass.dll ) and ran into some difficulties.

I can not wrap these functions:

typedef BOOL (CALLBACK RECORDPROC)(HRECORD handle, const void *buffer, DWORD length, void *user);
HRECORD BASSDEF(BASS_RecordStart)(DWORD freq, DWORD chans, DWORD flags, RECORDPROC *proc, void *user);

I tried:

func RecordStart(freq int, chans int, flags int, proc RecordCallback) (int, error) {
    	h := C.BASS_RecordStart(C.DWORD(freq), C.DWORD(chans), C.DWORD(flags), (*C.RECORDPROC)(unsafe.Pointer(&proc)), nil)
    	if h != 0 {
    		return int(h), nil
    	} else {
   		return 0, errMsg(int(C.BASS_ErrorGetCode()))

type RecordCallback = func(handle C.HRECORD, buffer *C.char, length C.DWORD, user *C.char) bool

But while compiling example, I get errors:
./record.go:15: cannot use MyRecordCallback (type func(C.HRECORD, *C.char, C.DWORD, *C.char) bool) as type func(bass.C.HRECORD, *bass.C.char, bass.C.DWORD, *bass.C.char) bool in argument to bass.RecordStart

func main() {
 	fmt.Println(bass.RecordStart(44100, 2, 0, MyRecordCallback))
 	select {}
func MyRecordCallback(handle C.HRECORD, buffer *C.char, length C.DWORD, user *C.char) bool {
 	return true

Please, help me resolve issue how to properly wrap the callback functions.

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