Go app exits (signal interrupt) because it uses too much memory

Is there a max memory limitation for a Go app ? My main.go simply runs for 20 seconds then says: signal: killed.

Indeed my app uses a ton of memory, adding 9,5 million nodes into a tree, but my PC should have enough. Is there a setting that disallows the usage of too much memory ?

I have disabled GC, and printing memory usage:
Alloc = 27017 MiB TotalAlloc = 27017 MiB Sys = 28460 MiB NumGC = 0

Any ideas ? How can I even debug this ?

What is your node’s type’s definition, and how much memory does your PC have available?

hi @skillian

Thank you for the reply, I have figured it out: my machine literally had not enough memory, thus my go program got terminated with “sygnal killed” ← and no other error messyage, which made it confusing.

This was an issue with the machine (insuficcient memory) not the software.

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