Go and VSCode BSOD

So, here’s a strange one. I treated myself to a new PC, i9 13th gen, lotsa RAM, fast M2 drive…
Reinstalled everything from scratch. Win10, VS2022 (I’m a C# dev by day) and VSCode (I’m working on a Go project by night…)
When I came to install Go, it seemed fine. Installed from go1.20.2.windows-amd64 download, all good.
But when I installed the Go plugin on VSCode it blue screened when it tried to install delve.
Now whenever I run VSCode and try to use Go plugin, BSOD.
I tried installing delve manually, but got errors which I raised with the delve team

And then with the Go team

Both tickets have been closed. So no help there.
Other than ‘looks like a corrupt installation of go’
But it’s a fresh install… I downloaded the file again, reinstalled, same.
When I install go 18.5.0, all is fine. Except it doesn’'t play well with VSCode because VSCode wants the latest…

Any ideas?
I’m currently doing Go coding on my laptop, which is a pain.

Are you me? :laughing: I have a similar setup but I usually program in Go on my laptop, and haven’t used VSCode and Go on my desktop in a while. I think I still have 1.18 or 1.19 on there. I’ll try out 1.20.2 when I get home from my C# job later today!

Well. I just installed go v18.5.0 manually, then ran latest VSCode. No BSOD. Installed pls v.0.9.1 manually. Tadaa. Can now debug go.
If anyone else runs into this issue, just install an older version manually. Hopefully when 21 or 22 come out it will have fixed itself… :slight_smile:
Thank you @skillian for spurring me into trying again. Tadaa!

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