Go and DAO pattern

Ive scanned GO patterns and I cant find the DAO pattern.

Any reason why its not popular in GO?
And if im mistaken, please suggest examples or tutorials for the same showing its usage in GO


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Good question…!!!
Sometimes is good idea reuse techniques from another languages.in go but not all the times…
Please check https://github.com/gustavocd/dao-pattern-in-go


Is this a web site? Where did you look for this pattern?

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Acclaimed Links

Go Concurrency Patterns

Others on google search (authors not verified though)

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I feel all interface based patters are transitive across languages and akin to design. Inheritance and Structural patterns can be avoid and different; but when it comes to interfaces I dont see a reason not to follow them. DAO is an interface based pattern and I’d need a good reason for someone to argue its not required (or any suitable pattern to replace it). Open to be wrong but need convincing.

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