Gihub api example go-github

Hi all!
I’m trying work with github using library GithubLibrary
I have some problem with it
If i get only one repo info, than i can’t use methods to work with all issues in this repo
When i trying get all issues from specific repo i can’t undestand how correct set options values if they did not need me
For example:

myGHBClient := github.NewClient(tokenClient) 
opt := &github.IssueListByRepoOptions{
	State: "all",
	Assignee: "",
	Creator: "",
	Mentioned: "",
	Labels: []string{"bug"},
	Sort: "",
	Direction: "asc",
	Since: "",  // I trying to get all issues without time relation
                // But library specific i must using some timeline
	ListOptions: {0,0},  // there i have some trouble like this 
                         // missing type in composite literal

issue, _, err := myGHBClient.Issues.ListByRepo(context, "User", "Repo", opt)

i’m just trying get all issues from specific repo filtered by label and status
What i’m doing wrong?

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