Getting the length of an ipv4 payload from the packet


I was working on some packet inspection and I am unable to figure out how to find out the length of an ipv4 packet’s payload.

The IPv4 struct has a property Length but that seems to contain the length of the full header.

Could someone point me in the right direction with this?

Thank you!

It’s Total Length minus the header length indicated by the IHL field, unless whatever you’re using to parse the packet does something else with those values.

The size values I’m getting are quite large, the payloads have nowhere close to that many indices in them.
Am I doing anything wrong?

 func getTotalLength(packet gopacket.Packet) uint16 {
	var ( 
			eth layers.Ethernet
			ipv4 layers.IPv4
			ipv6 layers.IPv6
			tcp layers.TCP
			err error
	 parser := gopacket.NewDecodingLayerParser(

	var layersInPacket []gopacket.LayerType

	err = parser.DecodeLayers(packet.Data(), &layersInPacket)
	var total_len uint16
        total_len = 0
       if err == nil {
	      total_len = ipv4.Length - uint16(ipv4.IHL * 4)
	return total_len

Doesn’t look entirely unreasonable, but I guess compare to what you see in wireshark or so for the same packets?

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