Getting started with API

I’m the first person in my organization to learn Go. I’m just starting out, but I plan to write tools for our web hosting backend. I want to be sure that everything I write is useful to the rest of the organization, so I’d like to expose its features via API. But we don’t have any API implementations in our organization yet. So far all management and interaction has taken place by moving files, sending commands via ssh, and making direct connections to database servers. These API will only be used internally. Web developers will write control panels that interact with my tools to move client sites to new servers, change settings, provision resources, and so on. That way, when they have work to do, they won’t need to wait on me to get them the resources to do it.

Where can I learn about what makes a good API in theory?

Where can I learn about some good examples of practical API written in Golang?

Do you have any tips for how to get started so I don’t grow to regret decisions that I make over the next several months?

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check that list. One of the most well structured libraries is the go-kit. Go kit has a long learn curve but it worths the time.

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