Getting issue when i am trying to run the program in debug mode

Hi All,

Go Version - 1.11

when i am trying to debug a normal program.I get below error

could not launch process: decoding dwarf section info at offset 0x0: too short

I don’t know how to fix it.


Could you show us the source code for your program, or an example that causes this problem?

This is impossible for us to help you with without more information.

What do you mean by debug mode? Are you trying to use Delve? I see some error messages related to Delve when googling your very short error message. It looks like the process you are trying to debug has not been compiled with debug symbols?

If your tools are compiled with some previous version of Go, including dlv, you should recompile them using Go 1.11:

  cd $HOME/go/src
  go get -u -v ./...
  go install all

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