Getting feedback on new Go project

I’ve been working on a project, RES (REsource Subscription) for creating real-time data APIs for web clients, using an API Gateway written in Go.

I believe its simplicity of use gives it potential to become an alternative to other solutions such as GraphQL, which focuses on queries but does not support live queries, or Cloud Firestore for clients that benefits from real-time data, but doesn’t want Google’s proprietary solution.


I find it hard to get people past the initial threshold of even looking at it.

So, for motivation, I made you this gif to visualize it! :grin:

Above is the Book collection example from the go-res package.

I need feedback on anything I can get (pick any of your choice):

  • First impression - what is needed to make you quickly understand what it is and what it tries to solve
  • Examples - are they easy to run? How can they be improved?
  • Concept - it differs quite from other solutions. Is it viable?
  • Getting help - are there more suitable forums to ask these questions?

Thanks for taking a look! :slightly_smiling_face:

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