Getting error while calling terragrunt HCL location files from terratest Go script

I have a terragrunt script which is working fine after running terragrunt apply-all command line but same thing i am not able to do/invoke form Go script. using TgApplyAll function

Below is my Go script Working terragrunt script is kept in D:\vertica-terragrunt-US-286094-Modules\with-infra location and it is working fine with manual terragrunt apply-all command but from Go script i am getting error

**package test**

**import (**

**    "testing"**

**    ""**


**func TestTerraformAwsHelloWorldExample(t *testing.T) {**

**    t.Parallel()**

**    terraformOptions := &terraform.Options{**

**        // The path to where our Terraform code is located**

**        TerraformDir: "D:/vertica-terragrunt-US-286094-Modules/with-infra",**

**    }**

**    // At the end of the test, run `terraform destroy` to clean up any resources that were created.**

**    //defer terraform.TgDestroyAll(t, terraformOptions)**

**    // Run `terraform init` and `terraform apply`. Fail the test if there are any errors.**

**    terraform.TgApplyAll(t, terraformOptions)**


Getting error as below

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