Get 'release' output in the Visual Studio Code Editor

Is it possible for golang in the Visual Studio Code Editor get ‘release’ output?
I saw “Visual Studio Code” has Debug button only.
I use Windows operating system.

What do you mean by release output?

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release output with size low,
but Debug output is size high.

Like qt creator:

output Debug:

output release:

it has already been discussed:

The debug button is for interactive debugging, it is not designed to build a debug build (though it does so as a side effect).

I use than what editor for “release”?

Use go build.

in this case Is the release Output?


Because i want to work with go-qml.

Assuming qt is installed, go build is still the answer.

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I just tried (and failed) to build an old project that uses I think it last worked in December 2014, which according to my timeline was mostly developed with go1.3.x.

There are open issues stating that go-qml is broken with go 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 along with other build problems. From the readme it appears that go-qml works with qt5.1.1.

In short, do not expect go-qml to work without significant effort.

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