GenQL - General Querying Language

I recently open-sourced a new programming language I have been developing over the past year - GenQL (General Query Language). It is specialized for easily processing and analyzing portable data from various sources. The key goal was to abstract away the complexities of transforming, translating, and adapting data to different models.
GenQL is implemented in Go with a strong focus on stability, robustness and ease of use. The first production-ready version is now available on GitHub along with comprehensive documentation. Over 80% of the codebase is covered by unit tests and the language has already been successfully deployed in a few commercial projects.
I welcome you to check GenQL out on GitHub. Contributions and stars are much appreciated! I built GenQL to make working with disparate data simpler for everyone. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback on how to make it even more useful.

You can find it here GitHub - Vedadiyan/genql: GenQL is a generic querying language fully written in Go

GenQL acts as a universal translator, letting you query data from various sources regardless of their underlying storage mechanisms (databases, APIs, files etc.) This simplifies data access and eliminates the need for multiple, specialized querying languages.

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Yes, exactly. We are also developing a distributed, cluster-capable GenQL Server (with built-in data streaming features) that can store data and queries in buckets (with advanced configuration including TTL, etc.). This will allow developers to extend GenQL natively through client libraries for .NET, Node.js and more. For example, .NET developers will be able to create custom GenQL functions using only .NET code. This server is not yet public as it is still in development and testing.

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