Generics - method must have no type parameters

I was surprised that the new Go generics could not handle generic method parameters, see below.
I wanted to accept a function that accepts Generic type T but return the functions return type R.

I was wondering if:
a) Anyone knows why? maybe Go doesn’t truly support monomorphization for generics, which is what I suspect?
b) Does anyone know if this is at all possible without having the type parameter on the struct itself?

package main

import (

type MyThing[T any] struct {
	value T

func (m MyThing[T]) Perform[R any](f func(T) R) R {
	return f(m.value)

func main() {
	fmt.Println("Hello, playground")

// output: syntax error: method must have no type parameters

Did you search through the documentation:

and the current discussion?

They should have the answers you’re looking for.

Near the very bottom under “No generic methods”:

Go Generics - Blog Title
Note that this is very unlikely to change since accepting type parameters on methods would make interface matching odd and surprising.

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