Gccgo… what is "buildid"?

I switch to gccgo and now I get a very suspect error message:

go tool: no such tool buildid

the build command is

$(GO) install -x server.go …/libgomsgque.a

This is the output from the make:

/usr/bin/gccgo-8 -fgo-importcfg=/dev/null -c -x c - || true
mkdir -p $WORK/b001/_importcfgroot_
ln -s .../x86_64-suse-linux-gnu/debug/theLink/gomsgque/pkg/gccgo_linux_amd64/libgomsgque.a $WORK/b001/_importcfgroot_/libgomsgque.a
cd .../example/go/src/server
/usr/bin/gccgo-8 -c -g -m64 -fdebug-prefix-map=$WORK=/tmp/go-build -gno-record-gcc-switches -o $WORK/b001/_go_.o -I $WORK/b001/_importcfgroot_ ./main.go
echo '  .section .go.buildid,"e"' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x48,0x61,0x4b,0x46,0x55,0x4f,0x73,0x5a' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x37,0x43,0x36,0x30,0x42,0x55,0x39,0x65' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x48,0x53,0x4d,0x68,0x2f,0x48,0x61,0x4b' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x46,0x55,0x4f,0x73,0x5a,0x37,0x43,0x36' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x30,0x42,0x55,0x39,0x65,0x48,0x53,0x4d' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .byte 0x68' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .section .note.GNU-stack,"",@progbits' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '  .section .note.GNU-split-stack,"",@progbits' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
echo '' >> $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
/usr/bin/gccgo-8 -xassembler-with-cpp -I $WORK/b001/ -c -o $WORK/b001/_buildid.o -D GOOS_linux -D GOARCH_amd64 -m64 $WORK/b001/_buildid.s
ar rcD $WORK/b001/_pkg_.a $WORK/b001/_go_.o $WORK/b001/_buildid.o
go tool: no such tool "buildid"
make: *** [Makefile:587: server] Fehler 2

this are my go variables from the Makefile

GO = /usr/bin/go-8
GOARCH = gccgo_linux_amd64
GOC = gccgo-8
GOFLAGS = -g -O2
GOROOT = /usr
GO_M = /usr/bin/go-8
USE_GO = yes
ac_ct_GOC = gccgo-8
#GOPATH = $(abs_srcdir):$(abs_builddir)/../../gomsgque
#export GOPATH
GOBIN = $(abs_builddir)
GOMSGQUE = $(abs_builddir)/../../gomsgque/pkg/$(GOARCH)/libgomsgque.a
#export CGO_LDFLAGS = -r '$(abs_builddir)/../../libmsgque/.libs'
GO_COMP = $(GO) install -x
export GOBIN

additional info, it seems that go has the *buldid’ tool but go-8 not

>:…/example/go> go tool buildid
usage: go tool buildid [-w] file
  -w    write build ID
>:.../example/go> go-8 tool buildid
go tool: no such tool "buildid"
>:.../example/go> which go
>:.../example/go> which go-8


skip the -x option from go install and it works

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