Gb version 0.4.3 has been relased

gb version 0.4.3 adds the ability to automatically download released dependencies.

Briefly summarised, if a dependency is listed in $PROJECT/depfile but is not present in the users’ cache, gb will attempt to fetch it.

NOTE: currently only dependencies hosted on github are fetched. Vanity import paths, bitbucket, private git repos, etc. are not yet supported.

$PROJECT/depfile syntax

A valid depfile lives at $PROJECT/depfile. It contains one or more lines of text. The format of the line is:

name key=value [key=value]...

name is an import path representing a remote repository. The only supported key is version, a valid version value is any SemVer 2.0.0 value. This version must match a release tag in the format

v<semver version>

For example: version=1.1.0

Will fetch the github release tagged v1.1.0.

Sample $PROJECT/depfile

Elements can be separated by whitespace. Lines that do not begin with a letter or number are ignored. This provides a simple mechanism for commentary.

# some comment version=1.1.0

; some other comment
// third kind of comment
 lines starting with blank lines are also ignored version=0.7.0

Please leave feadback on this feature via the issue tracker.

For more details, please consult the 0.4.3 release notes available on Github.


This is very neat and I’m happy to see it, with initial limitations and all. I think gb is the last, best hope for peace in the Go build ecosystem…


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