In this code, what is “()” and what does it do?

Do you mean the () in q := foo () and k, m := bar () ?
If so, it means a function call…

Did you take the Go tour?

At least he was told to do so several times throughout the last ~6 months, even linked to specific sections that would answer his questions.

That’s what I remember, too. This makes me sad.

That turns on a bright light! Thanks!

I do as time allows and my understanding develops. Because I often get lost as I do.

Thanks for! I’m getting it!

For instance, whenever the C language is mentioned, I get lost, knowing nothing about C. for instance, in "

By the way, I’m a female

I don’t want to make you sad. I was actually advised by my teacher not to pursue that Tour at this time, as he is more familiar with the level that I’m at, which is totally without experience in any computer language.

Sorry for assuming otherwise. I’m used to use “he” as gender neutral, it was taught me that way 20 years ago. It’s hard to get rid of this habit.

Sorry for hurting your feelings that way.

I’m used to use “he” as gender neutral

I suppose i†'s possible that a man could be named Cheri

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