From Python to Go, and Back Again…

Any thoughts about this?


Author talked a bit about it on
Is there any specific thing that you want to talk about?

There’s more informative discussion of this article over at HN.

I thought it was interesting, if a little bombastic - is it really necessary to choose one language and make defending it part of your identity?

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No, It should be always about choosing the right tool and understand that sometime things will go different. I will like to be better at art of computer science instead of fighting about one particular programming language :smile:

I read the Reddit thread and all my questions were answered. I’ve nothing to add here.

The golang-nuts thread is insightful too:

That was absolutely not the point of Ben’s presentation.

You must be new to Hacker News :smile:


Apologies, you’re right, the presentation, as his comments on HN/reddit make clearer, is not about choosing and defending one language, it’s just that articles about moving from language x to y have the unfortunate effect of provoking people into a holy war about languages and defensive comments, but that’s not his aim, which is far more measured than perhaps the slides indicate alone. It would be interesting to see the talk, but I think he said there is no video on one of the comments. I thought the golang nuts thread was interesting too, thanks for the link.

You must be new to Hacker News

:slight_smile: Seems to be a problem with people, rather than HN specific, some similar reactions on reddit.

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You’re welcome!

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