FOSDEM 2017 Call for Proposals

The past three years there has been a Go room at FOSDEM, it’s been a huge success so far, hence, it’s happening again this year.

The format of 20-30 minute talks has been fairly successful the past, hence I see no reason to want to change it and we’ll be going for the same format again.
Please submit talks at
The deadline for submissions is the 12th of December.
If you have an account from last year, you can reuse it.

We’ll also need volunteers to help manage the room and the cameras, please reply here if you’d like to help out.
I’m very open to suggestions about changes in the format, requests for a specific talk or any other topic, please just reply here.

The Go devroom will be taking on the community code of conduct throughout, anyone found in breach will be warned or may be asked to leave (depending on severity)
The CoC can be found at


I would like to help out! If you don’t have enough speakers you can count on me to jump in and speak. But I would love to see a new group of Gophers step up.

If anyone is interested in talking but doesn’t know how to get started preparing a talk reach out to me. I will help!

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Can’t wait to see everyone!

@goinggodotnet I’d highly appreciate some advice. I’m working on a talk for the local meetup/user group (Android apps using gomobile). If it turns out well I might submit it to FOSDEM.

@Luna any chance you have videos of past speakers for reference?

@goinggodotnet I would also appreciate any advice you have on getting started :slight_smile:

Yes, the audio is unfortunately very bad, but here you go:

Thanks for sharing this!

I can help with the room and the cameras if you still need help.

The term for proposals for speakers has been extended until 11 January.

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