FOSDEM 2016 Call for Proposals

The past two years there has been a Go room at FOSDEM, it’s been a huge success so far, hence, it’s happening again this year.

The format of 20-30 minute talks has been fairly successful the past two years, hence I see no reason to want to change it and we’ll be going for the same format again.
Please submit talks at
The deadline for submissions is the 12th of December.
If you have an account from last year, you can reuse it.

We’ll also need volunteers to help manage the room and the cameras, please reply here if you’d like to help out.
I’m very open to suggestions about changes in the format, requests for a specific talk or any other topic, please just reply here.

Unlike the previous years, Andrew Gerrand is sadly unavailable to organize the room, I’ll try and do as good as he’s been doing the past few years.

The Go devroom will be taking on the community code of conduct throughout, anyone found in breach will be warned or may be asked to leave (depending on severity)
The CoC can be found at


Can’t wait! I’ve booked my travel - will arrive in Brussels the morning of January 27th and I’m staying until the morning of the 2nd.

Thanks a lot for stepping in to organize the Go devroom! I enjoyed it very much last year (thanks @adg!)

I’ve submitted a proposal to talk about restic, a backup program I’m working on that is written in Go. I’ve presented the early beginnings at last year’s FOSDEM in a lightning talk. Meanwhile, version 0.1.0 was released in August and it gained some traction already.

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A few clarifications to questions I’ve been asked by several people, I’ve also edited the main post

  • The Go room will be using the GoBridge CoC,
  • the deadline for talk proposals is the 5th of December.

Any chance FOSDEM will give Go a larger devroom? The past to years it was really clear that there wasn’t enough space for all the Gophers…

I’ve requested it … The room assignments themselves aren’t out yet however, so we’ll see what comes of it.
The main issue is there are only so many big rooms and pretty much everyone wants them.

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Volunteers need to be the whole day in the devroom? Or can we help an hour or two and go on?

Whole day is strongly preferred, though we’ll have to make do with what we get in the end, so any help is certainly welcome!

I’ll definitely be there the whole day. I’m so glad that the Go and IoT rooms are on different days again :smile:

We’ve been allocated room H.1302, it has a capacity of 206 people. As a comparison, last year’s room had 85 seats.


That’s some good news!

I’d be happy to volunteer for helping out with the event, from managing the CfP to the whole day event as I have experience with events of this size :slight_smile:
Please send me an e-mail or ping me on Twitter.
Thank you.

There’s less than a week left before the deadline. Need to start rushing people :smile:

Additionally, a small announcement: The Go team has released their CoC, as a result, it will be used for the Go devroom.

As a reminder, the deadline for proposals is tomorrow

EDIT: The deadline has been changed to the 12th of December, 23:59 GMT+12

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This weekend, talk proposals will be anonymized and sent to the #fosdem slack channel on the Gophers slack.
if you are interested in helping us decide which talks we will be given at the FOSDEM go room, please join this weekend and help us decide :slight_smile:

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are talks still being submitted?

No, talk submission has been closed, sorry :frowning:

fair enough. I just got my tickets, I knew it was a long shot

We are currently actively voting on which talks to have in the Go devroom in the #fosdem channel on the Gophers slack.
Everyone is welcome to join in this process, instructions can be found in the channel itself.

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