FOSDEM 2016 - Call for participation

Just as an FYI - FOSDEM 2016 has opened their call for participation:

We’ve had Go speakers and topics for the last few years, would be good to see some new Gophers take the stage in 2016. I’ve also updated the wiki with this entry:


I’d be glad to put together a proposal for a talk around some aspect of GoCZMQ if there might be some interest in it. In any case I’ll definitely be at FOSDEM and look forward to seeing people there!

Are we going to have a developer room this year as well? Andrew used to send out a participation mails around October.

Want to be there but Visa is a huge road block for me…

I hope there’s a developer room! It was great last year. In any case, I’ll be there.

I organized the developer room last year, but I won’t be able to organize it again this year.

If someone else would like to do so, I can help them prepare the proposal (or vouch for their proposal). It’s definitely worth doing.


As with previous years, I’ll probably be there and helping.

I’m local to Belgium, if this provides an advantage in organizing the Go Room, I’ll be happy to volunteer, I’ll need some people to help out however.


Luna - I’ll have commitments the two days leading up to FOSDEM ( ZeroMQ workshop ) but am happy to help during the days of FOSDEM!

Luna, would you like me to send you copies of my devroom submissions from previous years?

I think you’ll have plenty of help on the day. That’s when you’ll need it. There’s not a lot to do beforehand.

Yes please! I’ll try and get the submission for this year done over the weekend.

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