Form - decodes url.Values into struct, creating objects as necessary. Dual Array and Full map support

Releasing form a url.Values decoder

  • Supports map of almost all types.
  • Supports both Numbered and Normal arrays eg. "Array[0]" and just "Array" with multiple values passed.
  • Array honours the specified index. eg. if "Array[2]" is the only Array value passed down, it will be put at index 2; if array isn’t big enough it will be expanded.
  • Only creates objects as necessary eg. if no array or map values are passed down, the array and map are left as their default values in the struct.
  • Allows for Custom Type registration.
  • Handles time.Time using RFC3339 time format by default, but can easily be changed by registering a Custom Type.

Just a heads up form now has Encoder support as well as Decoder

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