For the lack of a better title, is there a way to mark my place?

If I am reading an article here on the forum which is more lengthy than I have time to read, is there a way to mark my place for when I come back to it later?

I think bookmark the corresponding post is one of the solutions. And this site integrates it very well.


“I think bookmark the corresponding post is one of the solutions. And this site integrates it very well.”

I don’t know what this means.

I don’t mean bookmark the article. I mean put a bookmark on the spot where I stopped reading, so when I come back to it I can find my place.

Below each post, there is an ellipsis button (), klick it, it will reveal buttons to “flag” or to “bookmark” the given post.

To access your list of bookmarks, you have to click your avatar in the upper right of the site, then click the bookmark icon in the menu. There you’ll see a list of your bookmarks. You have to delete them manually as you progress though.

Also they link to the post you bookmarked, not to a certain paragraph in the post. If you need a way to bookmark on a paragraph or even line, you’ll need to use external tools. Im not aware of those though, as I tend to not bookmark but search instead.

There was a time when I bookmarked anything I considered beeing interesting or worth to remember. I never really looked at those bookmarks except during anual housekeeping when I visited all of them and deleted those that weren’t available anymore.

After years of doing that, I realized, that I just pile up my bookmarks, while still issuing a query to my favored search engine all the time. Skimming the first couple of hits for the article that solves my problem is usually fast than checking if there is already something in my bookmarks…

What I do though, is to keep a “read” and “watch” list. A list of articles and videos or even podcasts which I still want to read/listen/watch. When I have a large chunk of time I consume the items. This is usually during business travels at the evening in the hotel or when my car strikes and I use bus and train to commute :wink:

I try to not remember every detail, I just try to remember the 10k feet bird view of the article. I will find it later if and when I need it.

I have to be honest though, this technique to know everything by knowing nothing is nothing that one can learn, either it works out or it doesn’t. I do not want to convince you trying it, but tell you about how some of us work internally. Among my co workers about everyone “thinks” and “remembers” stuff this way. Of course we all have some experience and knowledge on our own.


I’ll check it out

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