For each Go version what is the minimal development requirement and range of Deployment targets?

How to know the Deployment target version for running my go binary.
Kindly refer the below page for Xcode - Support - Apple Developer, where they clearly mentioned the minimal requirement for dev env and range of Deployment targets
Binary build with a specific Xcode version will run from which version to which version.
(Binary built with Xcode 16 beta will run in macOS 10.13-15)

But I’m little confused while referring the below document. Are they mentioning the development environment or the deployment target range.
Go Wiki: Minimum Requirements - The Go Programming Language

For mac users here is the sample question
If I built a go binary in Mac os 10.15 with go version 1.21.
Will this binary run in macOS 10.12
If the answer is no, Please let me Due to what reason it won’t work? like is it depends on Go version or the Build machine version (10.15)
If the answer is yes, kindly enlighten me how it works.

For Windows users,
If I build a go binary in Windows 10 with go version 1.21
will it run in Windows 7?

Based on the responses we can proceed this convo further. :slight_smile:

Go uses cross-compilation which is included into compilers’ toolchain. It does not matter what development environment you use, until the target supports the go version mentioned on wiki page (you have the link in your post). E.g. I’m compiling my linux binaries on my Mac arm machine without troubles.