Flexible HTTP retry package, and blog post about handling the HTTP client


I wrote a blog post about how I think the HTTP client should be handled in reusable Go packages : https://0value.com/Let-the-Doer-Do-it

And tangentially related, a small and flexible package to handle HTTP retries at the transport (http.RoundTripper) level - though it is Go 1.6+ only (works with tip/beta/rc) because it uses the new Request.Cancel field to handle request cancellation, and doesn’t implement the (now deprecated) CancelRequest method : https://github.com/PuerkitoBio/rehttp

Please raise any issues on Github if it doesn’t work as advertised, and feel free to star if it is helpful.



This is really not about this conversation. I noticed a bug on this forum, on links. There is a counter of clicks here, but when I click twice it reads twice, that’ll give wrong analysis. #goforum_creators

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