Flash Sessions in Go Templates

Hi i am building a web application and i am having issues displaying flashes using Gorilla Sessions. I’m working on the Signup and Login handlers , i had set the session messages using helpers.SetFlash(), and i displayed the session message with the helpers.GetFlash() using a make(map[string]interface{}) which i used as an object for the template data. messages.html is responsible for displaying the flash sessions. When i ran my code the session works fine but not displaying any message . I dont know if the issue is from the templates or from the codes in the handlers …
Here is the link to my github code.
GitHub - Philip-21/ContentWebApp: A Content Web application for creating and Posting Contents built with Golang
I really appreciate a help with this Thanks

Hi, Philip, can you try to shrink this to a smaller reproducible scenario? I tried cloning the repo and running it locally, but it looks like I have to set up Postgres to run it? I’m working on doing that, but is there a smaller test case that I could try without setting up the whole environment?

Ow i see , i’ve not been able to create a test case yet. You’ll have to set up postgres to run it , and also create an app.env file and fill these details .
DB_HOST = localhost
DB_SSLMODE = disable
you can use random values for the secret and session key.