First chapter of The Go Programming Language is available


To be honest, I’m not looking for a book teach me how to write Go, but a bible on my bedside :smiling_imp:

Can’t wait my pre-order to be shipped!


I have been Go(ing) from some time, but will still read this because :wink:

It appears to be ridiculously well written. And the examples on github are great code - not surprising, coming from Alan.

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I wonder how much of the content came from Kernighan?

Deeper information than found on docs + awesome code examples really makes the difference compared to other Go books.

Looking forward to the final version.

I have some observations around the book structure.

The first chapter contain tutorials, following by language structure. Tutorials also contain some advanced technics like a web server wich must be studied after already you reading the entire book.

At point 2 we have language elements together with packages and this is not good. Standard packages must be treated separately like any libraries.

Next, at point 4 we have JSON wich is an data-interchange format not a Go specific element. Mixing JSON with some Go specific types can be confused for the reader.
Using JSON,XML or whatever can be a separate point or at tutorial section. Also the HTML templates.

So, from my point of view they must rethink some points in the structure of the book. Remember that is not about the content but the structure of the informations.

It’s formatted as the other famous book by K&R, starts with an overview of the language as a quick and dirty tutorial.

Like K&R, some programming know-how is assumed and it’s mentioned on first few pages as well. So I guess, I will have to wait for the book to arrive to decide what’s lacking in the book :wink:

I have the book. There seems to be little about the fact that how a select where more than one case are ready is chosen is by picking “at random” (page 245). Since I don’t have a PDF I can’t search through the book, but there’s no clue in the index of a more comprehensive discussion. The selective choice as a nondeterministic element has some implications; it may help make servers rather “fair” as well as it leaves the implementation of “random” to the Go designers. So it’s not really under programmer’s control. I will come back to this in a separate post.

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