Failing tests in 1.21.6 bootstrap

I need help with bootstrapping 1.21.6. A few tests fail and I see there are requirements about gdb, swig etc, however, they are hard to guess.

3 errors fatal error: trace: ReadTrace got invalid frequency in
os/signal -src/runtime/panic.go
syscall - exec_linux_test.go:354: Cmd failed with err fork/exec /tmp/go-build1662809362/b1680/syscall.test: no such file or directory, it is repeated aslo with TestUnshareUidGidMapping
runtime/trace -runtime/panic.go

I suppose these errors are generated by 2 tests namely
TestUnshareUidGidMapping TestAnalyzeAnnotations but they write the trace in parallel and it is a mess.

7 fails in git tests in vcstest_test.go

It might be an outdated git?

And one more:
go tool dist test -run=^archive/tar$
Failed: exit status 1

Please tell what I should install or how to fix them.

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1. Address Missing Dependencies:

  • Install gdb and swig: These are essential for parts of the Go build process. Use your system’s package manager to install them:
    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt install gdb swig
    • Fedora/CentOS: sudo dnf install gdb swig
    • macOS: brew install gdb swig

2. Resolve “Cmd failed with err fork/exec…” Errors:

  • Check file permissions: Ensure temporary build files are created with correct permissions:
    • Temporarily disable any security software that might interfere with file creation.
    • Verify that the user running the build has write permissions in /tmp .

3. Fix “trace: ReadTrace got invalid frequency” Errors:

  • Review trace configuration: Check if any trace-related tools or settings conflict with the Go build process.
  • Upgrade Go version: Consider updating to a newer version (1.21.7 or later) if available, as it might have bug fixes related to trace functionality.

4. Address Failed Git Tests:

  • Upgrade Git: Ensure you have the latest version of Git installed.
  • Verify environment variables: Check if any Git-related environment variables are set incorrectly.
  • Review test scripts: If possible, examine the failing Git test scripts to pinpoint specific issues.

5. Troubleshoot “archive/tar” Test Failure:

  • Inspect logs: Seek any error messages or clues in the build logs related to archive/tar tests.
  • Review test code: If possible, examine the test code for potential issues or dependencies.
  • Consider cross-compiling: If building for a different architecture, ensure you have the necessary cross-compilation tools and dependencies.
  • Official documentation for the software/project you’re working with. They often have troubleshooting sections or known issues lists.