Failed to create directory on windows network drive

Hi All:
my problems very close this issue [os: IsDir doesn’t work with Windows OneDrive #22579]

so, I did installing Go from source by myself.
D:>go version
go version devel +c99300229d Mon Jun 18 23:20:57 2018 +0000 windows/amd64

I hope ‘Failed to create directory on windows netwrok drive’ problems that should be fixed in latest Golang source build.
but as my tested that still show 'The system cannot find the path specified.'
May I know that Golang still cannot support create directory on windows network drive ??

my test.go source code and running on windows 10
func main() {
src := “w:\a\b\c” // w: is windows network drive mapped
err2 := os.MkdirAll(src, os.ModePerm)
if err2 != nil {
} else {
fmt.Println("create ok: " + src)

Many thanks.


Sorry, please ignore my problems. problesm is solved.
After I used windows command ‘net use’ checking, my w: network drive mapped not in list, but show in windows explore. thus I did ‘net use w: \remote-server-ip\myfolder’ network drive mapped manually.
now, I can created directory on windows network drive successful with my test.go source code.
Many thanks.


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