Extract data from JSON using PHP API Integration

I am trying to integrate this tracking API in my website can someone please help me

Method Name: GetTrackingHistory Method Return Type: Json Data Method Parameter: cn Type: String

For Tracking:

Tracking API

URL: http://cod.callcourier.com.pk/api/CallCourier/GetTackingHistory?cn=

Example: http://cod.callcourier.com.pk/api/CallCourier/GetTackingHistory?cn=00242-01-010000137

I want to know how can i extract data from this API and show the data in php

Is this a PHP/Opencart question?


(Note: The Stackoverflow thread is currently on hold as the question is unclear. My $0.02: Clarify your question there. Explain the exact steps that you are trying to do, and the step at which you got stuck. Providing relevant code can help understanding the context.)

Yes i am using open cart and php

I’d strongly suggest to continue the thread on Stackoverflow then.

This forum here is about the Go language.

Hiii christophberger!
Thank you for sharing this solution link Now with this I can extract data from JAVA SMS API

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