Exporting Data from MSSQL to encrypted file with Go

Hi everyone,

I have a need to export a fair amount of data out of an MSSQL query to an encrypted flat.

I need the “data at rest” to be encrypted without first saving it to an unencrypted file on the disk. If I had the option of first saving it unencrypted to the disk, I could just run PGP on the CSV file to encrypt it after the fact.

This means I need to encrypt it in memory after fetching it from the DB, probably by using a stream.

So that I don’t run out of memory, if fetching a lot of rows, it would be better to write to the disk (in encrypted format) in chunks. I.e., read a little, write a little (encrypted).

Is this possible? Any pseudo-code help possible?

Basically you could read each row (or a group of rows) from the database and individually encrypt it with AES or PK (aka public key like RSA).

Resources for this:

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