Exercises for practicing newly learned Go skills

Hey all,
I have been a C# dev for many years and I am making the switch to go. I have been binging on Todd Mcleod’s excellent Golang Training on Udemy.com

I am at the point where I want to start writing some code. Surprisingly, I am having a hard time finding meaningful exercises or challenges in which to put my newly learned knowledge into practice.

Can someone recommend a site for goLang exercises?


I find the standard library really educational, it is worth reading the docs and src for some packages which interest you - https://golang.org/pkg Many packages include lots of little code examples to show usage.

Go by example is almost what you want but more examples than challenges - https://gobyexample.com

The go in 5 minutes tutorials are nice too - http://www.goin5minutes.com

You could also look at challenges in other languages and tackle them in go - http://rubyquiz.com or things like the stripe ctf.

I’m not sure there is a collection of exercises or challenges for golang specifically (at least I haven’t heard of one, though it is a nice idea), so another approach is to pick a small problem you have yourself and try to solve it - something like an archive file extractor, or a picture resizing tool.

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If you just want to work through some exercises, exercism.io has some exercises you can go through and receive critiques. If that’s not practical or big enough, you could hack on exercism itself since it is written in go.


Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to post.

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