exec.Command().Run() hang problem

I develop a http server in Go. It uses fineuplader to upload files to my fuse file system.

The fuse file system has a cache algorithm. If the cache is full, file write will wait cache available for 20 min. This makes the Go http server io.copy() waiting.

And the go http server has a routine work check some Linux service is active. I use following

cmd := exec.Command(“systemctl”, “is-active”, “–quiet”, servicename)
err := cmd.Run()

I found this routine work hang on cmd.Run() . It not 100% hang on, but have a very high fail rate.

I written a minimal reproducible example and put it on github https://github.com/derentw/GoCmdHangExample

What I want to see is cmd.Output() run without delay.

I also try Go 1.14, and it also have this problem.

How does

$ systemctl is-active <servicename>

behave if you execute it in the shell of your OS? Does it hang, too?

No, it work well. Only Go process hang.

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