Error while implementing handler

Hi i am trying to implement the handler of products but ii get this error attached here. I am wondering why

golang2 golang3

The error says exactly what type you have and what type it expects instead for the ServeHTTP mothod.

You have http.Request, though *http.Request is expected for the second argument.

Also, please post actual code and error messages as text within code blocks (as this is markdown you can either use indentation or code fences), that makes them easier to read and does put a lot less stress on bandwith or transfer caps.

// here can be code

    // or indented by 4 spaces does code as well

will be rendered as:

// here can be code
// or indented by 4 spaces does code as well
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it worked thanks.

what does this mean
product-api2020/10/07 13:25:32 Starting server on port 9090
product-api2020/10/07 13:25:32 Error starting server: listen tcp :9090: bind: address already in use
exit status 1

It means what i says, the port 9090 is already in use. Perhaps another program does already listen on that port?

How do i stop or terminate it ?

As you started it, you should know…

this really is something one can’t tell from a remote position…

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