Error: used from two different module paths

I have a direct dependency in my go.mod file that used to be

but the creators changed the name to I updated this dependency to the correct name in the direct dependency in my go.mod file, however, I also have an indirect dependency that is So, to update this dependency to the new name I used a replace directive. But, I’m getting the error use for two different module paths ( and How do I resolve this error since this module path has to be included in both the direct and indirect dependencies?

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Hi @Lauren_Wiltsek, welcome to the forum.

Without knowing the exact content of your current go.mod file, I would suggest to try the following:

  1. Ensure all import statements have been changed to the new import path.
  2. Remove the replace directive
  3. Run go mod tidy to clean up the go.mod file.

Let me know how it works out.

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