Error handling with generics

Hi everyone

I’m trying the new beta 1.18.1 with generics. I have a function that returns a generic type but can also return an error.
In case I return an error, i need to provide a tuple of a value of generic and an error. How can I create a generic value?

Here is my attempt:

type Option[T any] struct {
	value  T
	isSome bool

// Val returns the value or default and error if represents null
func (o Option[T]) Val() (T, error) {
	if !o.isSome {
		return T{}, errors.New("Opt is none")
	return o.value, nil

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	if !o.isSome {
		var t T
		return t, errors.New("Opt is none")

A bit verbose for my taste, but it works. Have tried it with Option[string], Option[int] and Option[bool], I assume that more complex types would work as well.


Error handling in go is verbose in general.
Thanks for the answer. Works!

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