EPUBGen: Free/Libre Open Source EPUB3 e-book generator written in Go

Dear Go developers,

EPUBGen is my first project in my attempt at learning the Go programming language. I decided to build a command line program to help generate and package an EPUB3-compliant e-book. Instead of building a fancy visual editor to create an e-book, why not use a single HTML file as the source for the e-book? As a developer, I have access to many powerful free and open source IDEs and text editors such as Eclipse, ItelliJ IDEA Community and VSCodium/VSCode with which to create the HTML file. If you prefer the fancy visual editor take a look at Sigil.

EPUBGen is a text processor which reads and processes the HTML source file and generates all the files in a directory structure expected by EPUB3. The generated directory and its subdirectories and contents can then be checked and packaged into an .epub file by running the utility EPUBCheck.

The complete source code and the sample e-book can be found on GitHub.

Please feel free to forward this post to your friends and colleagues. If you come across any problems, please send an email to me at roslan@meridiand.com.

Roslan Amir

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