EasyView: an integrated pprof visualizer in vscode

Dear Golang developers

We are researchers at NC State University. We have developed a vscode extension named EasyView, which visualizes PProf output in vscode. Compared to the default web-based visualizer of PProf, EasyView enjoys the following three advantages.

  1. EasyView, as a vscode extension, is tightly integrated in vscode. One can easily map the profiles to source code.
  2. EasyView provides various flamegraphs to visualize the profiles, including the traditional top-down flamegraphs, and also new bottom-up and flat flamegraphs.
  3. EasyView is very efficient in handling large profiles. Compared to the default PProf visualizer, it is 50X faster.

The details of EasyView (including a 5-min introduction demo) can be found at GitHub - xperflab/easyview: EasyView is an extension atop vscode. EasyView can show multiple interactive views for the profiling data collected by many mainstream profilers. It is tightly integrated into vscode for source code exploration.. We hope you can try EasyView out and fill the survey form at EasyView user experience survey.

Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues. If you come across any problems, feel free to send an email to Prof. Xu Liu (xliu88@ncsu.edu).

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