Dynamic route level of security

Hello guys, I’m doubt if go lang can support dynamic routes.
I have two users on my database. In one user “user1” i assign to access dashboard and administrator by displaying in template the access link of dashboard and administrator like shown bellow.


The “user2” is assign to access dashboard.


Now, when i log-in using the “user2” im still able to access the administrator by typing Administrator on the address bar because Administrator is still on the main func, which is i don’t want for user2 to access.


How to handle like this scenario. Thanks in Advance.

Which authentication mechanism are you using at the moment? You should use a middleware and implement some kind of ACL in order to prevent users accessing forbidden routes.
Check this post and inspect the way withLogging and withTracing are implemented.

Thanks, Im using database authentication.

@matiasb i got it yeah… thanks bro

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Cool, no problem!

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