Dynamic diagrams?

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Any tool that allows me to create an architecture diagram, where if I click on one of the items it takes me to another diagram or web page ?

Something like the C4 model? C4 covers four levels of software architecture (hence the name),

They have a list of diagramming tools [here](The C4 model for visualising software architecture for interactive diagrams and more.

Hi @christophberger ,

These are all fine tools, but am not sure if it offers me the functionality I want: the diagram should support embedded links to other diagrams, and when I click on such a link (for example the rectangle representing a microservice) it should take me to the diagram that that link points to ?

It could be that all these tools can do that, and only I am very unfamiliar with them.

Thanks for clarifying. I don’t know any of these tools either, but I agree that such tools should provide the ability to drill down on diagram details. For me, this would be a necessary feature of any architecture diagram tool.

I just came across the “Awesome Diagramming” repository that might be useful:

shubhamgrg04/awesome-diagramming: A curated collection of diagramming tools used by software engineering teams

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thx @christophberger, this repo is awesome !

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