Does Golang support tensorflow?

In some places golang says it supports tensorflow but in some places tensorflow doesn’t support golang. I couldn’t find any clear information at the moment, is golang tensorflow supported? Can you give any advice or information?

My understanding is that the go bindings are not being actively maintained:


The TensorFlow team is not currently maintaning the Documentation for installing the Go bindings for TensorFlow.

The instructions has been maintained by the third party contributor: @wamuir

Please follow this source by @wamuir for the installation of Golang with Tensorflow.

There appears to be a community project but not sure how well-maintained it is. It has recent commits:

This is one of those areas where you might be swimming upstream if you don’t just use Python. I don’t have a lot of experience with Tensorflow and haven’t tried using one of those projects so maybe somebody else here can speak more definitively.

Can I create artificial intelligence structure with tensorflow and run it with golang?

Like LLVM when a direct library doesn’t exist or is discontinued, you have to go with a C binding library. I always look for a good maintained C binding, because an official polyglot solution is, for MANY libraries and frameworks, left behind after a while compared to the official one (in this case Python). In 99% of cases the C interface is dispatched constantly in each version and limits the risk (of course if the binding maintainers are active)

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