Does anyone know of a sysd.go package

I have an an application that implements a RESTapi, but it’s trying to include a package called “sysd”. This seems like a golang package, perhaps specific to Ubuntu or another Linux variant. I’ve searched github for this package to no avail. I’ve also done a google search, but again, no results. Does anyone know of such as package? Some of the methods provided by this package are “SYSDServicesClient” and “NewSYSDServicesClientFactory”. TIA

After searching a bit on GitHub, it seems to belong to this repo:

And seeing how they import the subpackages, it seems that in order to get the sysd package you need to do this:

git clone $GOPATH/src/infra

That’s another reason to ban local imports and promote nice, meaningful (containing the origin) import paths.

If you have to maintain this app, vendor in the dependencies, ASAP.

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